Another Year

Happy New Year, everyone!

We had a lovely time last night with some friends, who came over and brought their adorable baby girl. The kiddos went to bed around 7:30, and we had an enthralling game of Monopoly. Many hearts were won and many dreams were crushed. There was champagne, homemade wine, pizza, all the foods of the Gods. We also found out that there will soon be another baby on the way within the group. This means more baby knitting, of course.

For this year, I really don't have many goals.

I would like to see my career become stabalized; the work is good, but the motivation has been lacking of late.

I would also like to spend more time with my baby and husband. I really do enjoy family time, and I need to invest more of my time into it.

I think my family deserves more healthy meals at home, and I'm determined to use and prosper from my crock pot. I love healthy stews and roasts, but I never have the energy to cook them (probably because I don't eat them on a regular basis. It's a vicious cycle). Hopefully, this year will be the year to do it.

Our house is in need of a good decluttering. Perhaps our family can finally depart with high school memorabilia. I'd love to have an organized and clean house.

Knit-wise, I'm trying to really only knit two or three projects at a time. Of course my Spring Shawl Surprise is going to be continually knit over the year, but I also have baby stuff that I'd like to concentrate on. This year will be my year for expanding my knitting horizons.

I'm also going to spin more, concentrating on making the yarn do what I'd like, not what it would like. I hope to be able to take some fiber and spin and little every few days. Then I want to sell these in my online store! How exciting!

Finally, I really hope to be happy this year. It's the year of the rat, which is my Chinese birth year. I'm very excited because it's my year to shine. I hope this year brings happiness, joy and fulfillment into my life. I want to spend time with my friends, appreciate my family, enjoy my time alone, leave myself time to think and reflect on past achievements.

I wish you all the very best New Year possible, and enjoy 2008!

ps. I'm in love.

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