Bring on the Baby Knitting!

It's official! Baby knitting has started! Not for me, of course, but for my cousin's baby, who should be coming sometime in March. I'm so excited! I have inklings that it's a boy, but who knows? Well, the parents do, but they aren't telling (damn them), so I'll just have to knit generic things. Although, I do think there may be a slightly masculine twist on it.

I cast on the Scandivian Jacket by Debbie Bliss, and sheesh, it's pretty. It's pretty HUGE, I mean. The darn thing is as cute as a fricking button, but there's no way it would fit a one-year-old, unless that one-year-old weighs 40 pounds. Oh, well. They can hang onto it until baby does fit.

I started with this yarn, Bernat Handicraft Cotton. Pattern calls for Rowan DK wool, but I prefer cotton when knitting for babies.

I was knitting along happily until -- oops! What the heck is that? What's can't see it?

How's this? Better?

Well, that was stupid. So I rip back that row and keep chugging along. It's a really fast knit, considering I just cast on yesterday and that I'm already (drum roll) done the back!

And a detail of the pattern:

Oh, you're wondering what I got from Make 1 on Boxing Day? Allow me to show you.

First I got all these (40% off) for a lovely stranded project I'll be working on in the near future. Aren't they pretty? I hope the colors work out okay.

Then I got this for my spinning pleasure. It's 4.4 oz of tussah silk top from Curious Creek. 20% off!

And lastly, it was my birthday today, and I got wonderful presents from everybody. I got a niddy noddy from Barb and Toby and a Lazy Kate from Gary, my father-in-law. Also, unexpected by (I think) both Barb and I, I got a lovely set of woolies for my feets.

Aren't they pretty and festive? I love them. They're so nice!!!

That's all for now! Until next time!


granolagirl said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you were wonderfully spoiled!

I scored at make one on boxing day as well, there were some great sales!!

Mary said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Your knitting projects are so nice! You turned pro so quickly!

I spent boxing day in my pajamas, eating candy and being lazy. Enjoyed watching the tot play with her new toys. No shopping for me! I'm all shopped out.