What to do? A CONTEST!

I'm stuck. I'm in a rut. I have NO idea what to do. What should I knit? I know that technically, I'm doing Xmas knitting, and I should continue on that, but I feel like something else. I don't know what. Help me out. I almost want to do a sweater, but I don't have enough yarn of one kind for a sweater. I guess I could go out and buy some, but ... I have no feeling as to what kind of sweater I want to do.

So I leave it to you. Winning suggestion is completely random, via drawing! Link to a pattern, or just leave the name if it's on Ravelry. If it wins, I'll knit it. Just please, keep it clean. I have a child, remember. No penis-shaped hats or whatever. I'll throw in 4 ozs of handspun sock yarn in the Maple colorway (pictured in my header) to the winner, too!

The contest will close August 30th, so hurry up and post! Include your email address, too, so that I can contact the winner.



The Things I Love.

I had my family over today for dinner. There are few things I love more than my family. My mom, dad, brother, cousin, his wife and their son were all over. It was a little squishy at the table, it was a little loud and messy in the kitchen, but it was wonderful.

Several years ago, before meeting Robbie and having Elodie, I would have thought that dinner with my family was an awful thing. Something I would be forced to sit through. I was so selfish. My view of the world was so internalized.

I'm an adult now, both physically AND mentally, and I see everything in a much clearer light. I'm still ... assertive, but I can admit that I am completely in love with my family and the messy, noisy, squishy dinners we have together, clustered around a table, enjoying each other's company.

To Mom, Dad, Carsten, Tanner, Kyla, Caysen, Robbie, and Elodie, thank you for making my life so full.


A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Here is the Egeblad blanket in all its finished glory:




This blanket shouldn't have taken as long as it did. There was, do remember, a move in the middle of it, so things were rather hectic. The blanket turned out beautifully, though, and I think I may have to get one on the needles for myself the next time I decide to produce life. I love it.

The parents to be loved it, too.


There was a copious amount of warning them to NOT put it in the wash machine lest it "felt like a Mo-fo." There was a rather annoying point in the whole baby shower thing when some random person whom I've never met decided to start lecturing me about everything to do with our daughter. First it was that we wouldn't let Elodie hold her own cupcake while she was eating it because she's a rather messy eater and we only had one change of clothes. Elodie was bawling, and the woman kept saying, oh, come on. Say, Please Daddy? Please?

Then it was her giving our daughter a donut and telling her, "Don't tell Daddy." The final straw was her lecturing me that I'd best "get pregnant sooner rather than later because you don't want a big gap between them." Actually, yes, I do want a big gap between them.

Why do people do this? Why? Is it my new Emo hair?


Do I look like someone who needs parenting advice? Seriously, my daughter is 28 months. I've survived this far. I think I know what I'm doing in general. Sure, ask me when she's a teenager and I may have a different answer for you, but for now, I'm good. If I want advice (which I don't), I'll ask my mom or grandma. I'm not going to ask Suzy Random that I've never met.




Blanket is done, washed, blocked, wrapped, gifted and opened. They loved it. I warned them that no washing machine is to be used on the 6,400-some-odd stitches, and that if they really, really need to give it a good wash, give it to me, and I'll do that for them. It's just one of the many things I do that makes me a nice person. In general.

Anyway, I'll post pictures tomorrow!


No Batteries. New screen.

I am officially out of batteries on my camera, and we have not been able to find the battery charger since the move. Robbie's ordered one on the intertubes. I hope it comes soon.

In other news, I've washed half of my mioget fleece and started combing it. It's looking beautiful. I'm spinning one ply in just plain shetland and the other is goto be combed with silk. It should be a lovely thing when it's done. I plan on making ME something with it.

Robbie also was a doll and bought me a new LCD flatscreen for my computer. My work is hopping, and this will hopefully be a bit easier on the eyeballs. Of late, things have been hectic here, and this is my first night off this week. I plan on sleeping until at least 7:00 and then working my butt off all day tomorrow. Exciting, no?

Friday, I'm not working. I've decided against it. Instead, I have a baby blanket that MUST be finished for a baby shower on Saturday. I'm desperate to get it done. 10 more rounds and it's finished, so cross your fingers for me.

Hopefully I'll have pictures.


A Lesson in Patience.

The Clapotis is done.


I jumped on the bandwagon, spinning my own yarn for this project. It's soft, squishy and very versatile. I love it.


I picked up a vintage brooch from my grandmother's collection. It goes great, and it makes a lovely shawl pin. It holds the wrap on just where I want it. Of course, this will make a great scarf for when winter rolls around.

To be honest, though, I was rather bored with the knitting of it. I don't mind plain things. I love knitting stocking stitch socks. I even like garter stitch in the right scenario. But this was the same thing over and over. I grew so bored with it that I even hibernated it on my Ravelry projects page.

Finally, a few nights ago, I decided enough was enough. I spun up the very small amount of yarn that was needed to finish the project. I stayed up until 1:00. I knit. I soaked. I blocked.


Sometimes, being patient pays off, apparently.


Boo - and Baa!

So not fair. The CupcakeBlog is shutting down. It was totally one of my favorite blogs, and I'll miss the amazing recipes and photography. Kudos to her for keeping it open as long as it gets traffic. I wish her well in her move and the one-year-old. I totally get how it feels.

In other news, Terra and I had a great time at the sheep farm. Kathy was a great shepherdess as she shepherded us around her sheep. She spent a lot of time with us, and we walked away with three fleeces split between the two of us and an invitation to come back for shearing in the fall. I can't wait!

Go check out Terra's blog for some pictures! I forgot my camera, and she's a much more diligent blogger than I.

Finally, I finished the Clapotis. No pictures yet because I can't find my damned camera's memory stick, but let me tell you, it's beautiful! Now to finish a baby present for the ninth!