The Things I Love.

I had my family over today for dinner. There are few things I love more than my family. My mom, dad, brother, cousin, his wife and their son were all over. It was a little squishy at the table, it was a little loud and messy in the kitchen, but it was wonderful.

Several years ago, before meeting Robbie and having Elodie, I would have thought that dinner with my family was an awful thing. Something I would be forced to sit through. I was so selfish. My view of the world was so internalized.

I'm an adult now, both physically AND mentally, and I see everything in a much clearer light. I'm still ... assertive, but I can admit that I am completely in love with my family and the messy, noisy, squishy dinners we have together, clustered around a table, enjoying each other's company.

To Mom, Dad, Carsten, Tanner, Kyla, Caysen, Robbie, and Elodie, thank you for making my life so full.

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knittinggrammy said...

Family dinners are the exact same way at our house - almost every weekend - more people than can fit around the table and growing every year but what a feeling of love!! Congrats for realizing it, I guess there's still hope for my boys....