A Lesson in Patience.

The Clapotis is done.


I jumped on the bandwagon, spinning my own yarn for this project. It's soft, squishy and very versatile. I love it.


I picked up a vintage brooch from my grandmother's collection. It goes great, and it makes a lovely shawl pin. It holds the wrap on just where I want it. Of course, this will make a great scarf for when winter rolls around.

To be honest, though, I was rather bored with the knitting of it. I don't mind plain things. I love knitting stocking stitch socks. I even like garter stitch in the right scenario. But this was the same thing over and over. I grew so bored with it that I even hibernated it on my Ravelry projects page.

Finally, a few nights ago, I decided enough was enough. I spun up the very small amount of yarn that was needed to finish the project. I stayed up until 1:00. I knit. I soaked. I blocked.


Sometimes, being patient pays off, apparently.


annie said...

it's really, really, really beautiful. good work hon!

Mary said...

That is so beautiful! Not boring in the least! Love it! You really have talent!