What to do? A CONTEST!

I'm stuck. I'm in a rut. I have NO idea what to do. What should I knit? I know that technically, I'm doing Xmas knitting, and I should continue on that, but I feel like something else. I don't know what. Help me out. I almost want to do a sweater, but I don't have enough yarn of one kind for a sweater. I guess I could go out and buy some, but ... I have no feeling as to what kind of sweater I want to do.

So I leave it to you. Winning suggestion is completely random, via drawing! Link to a pattern, or just leave the name if it's on Ravelry. If it wins, I'll knit it. Just please, keep it clean. I have a child, remember. No penis-shaped hats or whatever. I'll throw in 4 ozs of handspun sock yarn in the Maple colorway (pictured in my header) to the winner, too!

The contest will close August 30th, so hurry up and post! Include your email address, too, so that I can contact the winner.



granolagirl said...

I got my knitting mojo back by knitting this cowl:


you can find it in my projects if the link doesn't work.

I'm doing it out of handspun and its turning out beautifully- you can memorize the pattern and its very travelable!Plus you get an FO in no time flat which always gets my mojo running!

Yah contests (and Kayla's sockyarn)!!

Andrea said...

If you want a sweater to knit, I think Coraline by Ysolda Teague is beautiful: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/coraline

One of these days I'll knit it....sigh!

Mary said...

penis shaped hats? Wow. Now that's a knitting project!

Where would one wear a penis shaped hat anyway? Just wondering....

How about knitting this gem?


annie said...

you should knit the helena (from knitty) for the wonderful miss e. it's a mojo restorer...

ikkinlala said...

I think you should knit Slippery socks (from Knitty). I'm planning to knit some fairly soon, as long as I don't get distracted by another project.