Boo - and Baa!

So not fair. The CupcakeBlog is shutting down. It was totally one of my favorite blogs, and I'll miss the amazing recipes and photography. Kudos to her for keeping it open as long as it gets traffic. I wish her well in her move and the one-year-old. I totally get how it feels.

In other news, Terra and I had a great time at the sheep farm. Kathy was a great shepherdess as she shepherded us around her sheep. She spent a lot of time with us, and we walked away with three fleeces split between the two of us and an invitation to come back for shearing in the fall. I can't wait!

Go check out Terra's blog for some pictures! I forgot my camera, and she's a much more diligent blogger than I.

Finally, I finished the Clapotis. No pictures yet because I can't find my damned camera's memory stick, but let me tell you, it's beautiful! Now to finish a baby present for the ninth!

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