Weigh-In Friday

I lost two pounds this week, bringing me up to a total of 13 pounds in seven weeks. I'm super happy with myself, and feeling so good! It's like I've lost a sack of flour, and lugging a sack of flour around all day would SUCK.

We're off on vacation starting tomorrow morning, and I won't be back for two weeks. I'm not worried because we're staying with friends who are super healthy, and I know how to make good choices. We'll also be hiking and walking a lot, so I think the next two weeks will be excellent.

Until I come back, have a wonderful two weeks, and be safe this long weekend!

New Pattern: Eight

The pattern is written. It took me *forever*.

final pattern page 1 copy

You can buy it here on Ravelry or click the buy now button for your own copy.

Enjoy and happy knitting!


Tests Done!

The test knitters both finished their Eight socks yesterday. They are some speedy McGees, I tell you! Three days, people. Three days.

Once again, I was astounded by the goodness of people on Ravelry. Both of them test knit the pattern and gave excellent advice. And when you're new to this whole designing thing, advice from the mouths of knitters is a terrific thing.

Considering the rather large amount of mistakes I made in the pattern, I think they did very, very well. And it'll allow me to wrap up everything neatly for release on Thursday.

Go check out their profiles here and here (both Ravelry links). Both have some serious talent. :)


Skinnier Me, and Weigh-In Friday

So I got weighed in yesterday. It was only half a pound (my fault, totally my fault). But we've hit six weeks on the diet yesterday, so I thought I'd show you three pictures of me. The first was taken the day I started (I had to take it myself, so it sucks). The second was about two weeks later, halfway through the pounds I've lost so far, and the final one was taken yesterday, 11 pounds weight loss.

June 10, 2010

June 10, 2010

June 26, 2010 (I now wear the same clothes for all my weekly pictures)

June 25, 2010

Yesterday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010

So I can see the weight loss for sure. I've gone from the fifth hole in on my belt to the ninth. I feel far better. This week, I'm handing my food diary over to my husband to keep track of what I eat (because I know he won't fudge the numbers).




Okay. The Infinite Socks have been renamed as Eight because of a neat little eight that develops on the back of the sock as you knit. The prototype is finished and the pattern is being test knit as we speak. Here, however, are a few sneaky peek shots for you all!


I really like the heel. And the gusset.


They're being test knit semi-solid yellow, so it should show the cables really well. This was a bit too busy, I think, and unless I'm taking a picture outside, the cables just melt into the sock in the picture. On the feet, however, the cables stand right out and look terrific (if I do say so myself).

Also, it's great that they're not bunchy. I despise bunchy cabled socks. So YAY! The test sock should be knit by Monday (that's the deadline, anyway), and then I'll make the pattern pretty and publish on Rav. Hooray, hooray!


Tink, Tink, Tink

I've been plugging away at the Infinite Socks. They're looking really pretty. I had actually turned the heel on them when I decided that the pattern just didn't look just right, so I ripped it all back to the beginning, tweaked the ribbing, tweaked the pattern and cast on again. I'm two pattern repeats in, so I think two more before I'll turn the heel.

Pictures tomorrow. I went to get some today, when I realized that my darn camera was out of batteries. Depending on my workload this week, I may have the pattern finished and ready for purchase before I leave for my holidays on the 31st.

As for everything else, I haven't been good this weekend. Our fridge died on Thursday. The compressor went, which SUCKS, so we've been keeping an eye on Kijiji for a new one. For now, however, and until we come back from holiday, we'll be living out of a cooler and our chest freezer in the basement. So far, it's not too bad, although I find I keep opening the fridge to grab something (or just to look out of habit), and of course there's just warm air blowing out. We're debating getting just an apartment sized fridge because there's a lot in a fridge that it turns out doesn't really need to be refrigerated. Like eggs, for example, and onions and apples and oranges and most condiments. We do need to keep our dairy products chilled, though, and I think I'd go nuts if we had to live out of cooler.

Anyway, so here's how I've not been good. When the fridge died, I had a major meltdown because it was only adding stress to my already PMSy day, and I caved. Robbie and I were both in terrible moods, so we bought chips, a bottle of wine and rented a movie. We ate all the chips. We drank all the wine.

Friday was okay.

Saturday, I was good until evening. We were at the wading pool all day, which was really fun, but then Saturday night, we went to our friends' house. They just came back from Australia. There was LOTS of alcohol. And hot dogs. And smokies. And chips. I ate two hot dogs, both with white buns, and a few handfuls of chips, and a rice crispie square. And a lot of wine.

This morning I felt really bad. My body was hurting, partly because of the major sunburn I got yesterday (despite having liberally applied sun screen, damn my Scottish heritage!), but I think mostly from the lack of care I gave the food I was eating. I ate so much junk, and I'm not used to it. I was grouchy, hung over, tired, angry, and just generally not feeling very good. I felt...skunky.

So tomorrow, it's back on the wagon. Back to drinking lots of water, back to eating lots of fresh fruit and veggies, back to feeding my body the way it needs to be fed. And I'm thinking I deserve at least two reps of boot camp to work off some of the damage.

In happy news, I get to pick up my shawl from the Stampede on Tuesday! YAY!!


Weigh-in Friday

I lost...

Two-and-a-half pounds! WOOT! Changes/differences this week include no alcohol, bootcamp three times a week and a lot of water. I've upped my water consumption from 64 oz a day to at least three litres (96 oz). I have found, however, that even after drinking all that water, I'm still thirsty at night and end up drinking MORE water.

So far, I am down at least one dress size, but probably more. I've gone from using the fifth belt hole in to the ninth in. My face has cleared right up, no more spots, my skin feels fantastic, I lack a double chin, and I can *almost* see my collar bones. I feel terrific!

It's hard to believe I've lost a year's worth of weight gain in five weeks, but I have. I HAVE! Ten more pounds until I reach my first goal, 170, the amount I weighed the day I gave birth.

Also, you may have noticed that I've added tags on all the posts. It took a while, and it was nice to go back in time, so to speak, and read my blog. I have grown so much since starting this little project. Anywho, enough with the reminiscing. Check out the tags below to search for posts in the past that might interest you!




Robbie and Elodie and I headed down to the Stampede grounds on Sunday to check things out, watch the Bare Naked Ladies (Canadian band, not actual bare naked ladies), and above all else--for me at least--check out the shawl. I was not disappointed.


I won't lie, when I heard that Evenstar shawl to the left was being entered, I nearly gave up hope. Evenstar is a stunning pattern, and I covet it immensely. But enter I did because of two reasons. One, I was very happy with how the shawl turned out. And two, hell, I wanted an effing ribbon.

Winning best in section, though, among all the amazing knitting entrants was really something unexpected. There were so many beautiful entries, such as that Evenstar as well as a really great hat, and I feel completely honoured to have been recognized.


I'm totally going to enter again next year. But what, I wonder. I'm seriously debating a Bohus, even though it's major money. Or maybe a Starmore, even though I hate the boxiness of the patterns. Or perhaps, since it works, I'll knit more lace. Who knows? One thing is for sure, though. I could get used to this winning thing.


Weigh-In Fridays

This week, I lost *drum roll*

One pound. Blah. It's my own damn fault. After finding out that I have to get this surgery, I may have consumed a fair number of peanut butter M&Ms. And some wine. And a burger. Can we say emotional eater?

Oh, well. I'm down nine pounds, and when I'm naked (not when I weigh in), I see the other side of 170, which is something I haven't seen in a year. So that's something I suppose.

Oh, a certain shawl may have won first place at the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase....


Two Pounds and Surgery.

I had two appointments today. First:

So I guess that's good. Eight pounds total. :D

On the downside, though, I met with my specialist regarding the cyst. He has booked me in for a laparoscopic-cystectomy-possibly-laparotomic-cystectomy-with-possible-oopherectomy surgery in early September. My cyst is so big, it needs to come out. So if it doesn't get smaller by mid-August, I'm getting cut open.

A laparoscopic surgery is where they insert a camera and a wand thing through two tiny incisions in the abdomen wall and is incredibly non-invasive. However, depending on the type of cyst they find when they do the laparscopic surgery, it might be upgraded to a laparotomy, which is where they make an incision across the abdomen. Depending on what they find on the ovary during *that*, it might mean they remove my right ovary altogether.

When you're trying to have another child, dudes, ovaries are rather essential. So the chance that one might go hang out in a lab somewhere is slightly concerning. But I'm more concerned about a few things. One, at this point, since hormone levels are normal, they don't know what is causing this cyst and what is causing it to grow. Two, I'm experiencing a few additional things, such as a thickened endometrial lining that is seriously fucking up my ability to get pregnant. Three is this BIG BLOODY CYST that's hanging out, won't stop growing and won't bloody well resolve itself.

And while yes, I'm rather attached to my ovaries, and while yes, I'd rather they stick around for the next 50 years or so, my health is absolutely critical. Despite desiring another child, I desire health for my current child moreso, and so they can chop me open and make me better, no matter the possible risks.

But still, when I'm squeamish enough about needles that I refused as a rebellious teenager to get any body parts peirced and never seriously entertained the thought of a tattoo--irregardless of how much it would infuriate my parents--the idea of going under the knife, requiring anywhere between a few days to a week to heal (not to mention several staples and stitches) and losing a rather essential organ is so scary! So hopefully this diet, the lack of refined sugars and so many vegetables will help my body resolve this cyst before my ultrasound in August so that I can have my surgery canceled and continue on my happy little way.

Keep me in your thoughts.