Two Pounds and Surgery.

I had two appointments today. First:

So I guess that's good. Eight pounds total. :D

On the downside, though, I met with my specialist regarding the cyst. He has booked me in for a laparoscopic-cystectomy-possibly-laparotomic-cystectomy-with-possible-oopherectomy surgery in early September. My cyst is so big, it needs to come out. So if it doesn't get smaller by mid-August, I'm getting cut open.

A laparoscopic surgery is where they insert a camera and a wand thing through two tiny incisions in the abdomen wall and is incredibly non-invasive. However, depending on the type of cyst they find when they do the laparscopic surgery, it might be upgraded to a laparotomy, which is where they make an incision across the abdomen. Depending on what they find on the ovary during *that*, it might mean they remove my right ovary altogether.

When you're trying to have another child, dudes, ovaries are rather essential. So the chance that one might go hang out in a lab somewhere is slightly concerning. But I'm more concerned about a few things. One, at this point, since hormone levels are normal, they don't know what is causing this cyst and what is causing it to grow. Two, I'm experiencing a few additional things, such as a thickened endometrial lining that is seriously fucking up my ability to get pregnant. Three is this BIG BLOODY CYST that's hanging out, won't stop growing and won't bloody well resolve itself.

And while yes, I'm rather attached to my ovaries, and while yes, I'd rather they stick around for the next 50 years or so, my health is absolutely critical. Despite desiring another child, I desire health for my current child moreso, and so they can chop me open and make me better, no matter the possible risks.

But still, when I'm squeamish enough about needles that I refused as a rebellious teenager to get any body parts peirced and never seriously entertained the thought of a tattoo--irregardless of how much it would infuriate my parents--the idea of going under the knife, requiring anywhere between a few days to a week to heal (not to mention several staples and stitches) and losing a rather essential organ is so scary! So hopefully this diet, the lack of refined sugars and so many vegetables will help my body resolve this cyst before my ultrasound in August so that I can have my surgery canceled and continue on my happy little way.

Keep me in your thoughts.

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