Been a While. And N-Plying.

So. One of those months. Lots to talk about.

This is going to be the abridged update.

1. Working. A lot.
2. Knitting - not a lot.
3. Bought a house. (!!!)
4. Moving in a month. (!!!)
5. Totally broke my one-project-at-a-time rule.
6. Started Christmas knitting.

Now to the real post.
I'm always amazed at the difference between Navajo plying (N-ply) and double or triple plying. The differences in the colors are amazing. Take this fibre, for example. You've seen it before.


I love the way it spun up as a two-ply.


But I also was in love with the way it looked on the bobbin.


So I decided to N-ply the next four ounces of it to preserve the bold color striping. Boy, I'm glad I did!!


I'm loving how this sock is turning out. The pattern is Red Dwarf Socks (Ravelry Link), and I'm rather in love with them.


And they're knitting up quickly. I cast on yesterday. This was last night at 11:00.

This is now: