Today is my 3rd anniversary!

Let me tell you something about my husband. If there is any man on this earth who pulls his weight, it's Robbie. He pulls his weight and a lot of mine, too. He has a full-time job (which he's really good at), is a completely involved and passionate father, cleans, does laundry, does the dishes, and boy, without him, this house would fall apart. I mean, really, fall apart.

On top of that, he's just super thoughtful. He gets cards for special occasions, buys Christmas presents when I forget (it happens a lot), makes sure things are remembered...I don't know what I'd do without him.

I love him to bits, and although I'm not a great wife sometimes (don't I know it), I am so grateful that he's a great husband. The last six years together and the last three years married have been, hands down, the best of my life so far.

I love you, Robbie! Thanks for being just about the best person I know!


I Lost...


So that's six pounds in two weeks, and I bought new pants today. :D YAY ME! Check in next week. This week is my last on this meal plan, and then we're switching it up. I'm determined to stick to it absolutely this week to see if I can lose another four pounds, which would bring me up to ten.

Anyway, ONWARD!

It's Not PCOS!!!!

I don't know if I'm relieved or not. My hormone levels all came back absolutely perfect. Well, okay. But then my follow up ultrasound found that my cyst is BIGGER. It's a whopping four inches, 10 cms!!!! HOLY MOLY.

So anyway, just an update. I don't know where we sit right now. I have to go see my OB/GYN on the 2nd, and we'll go from there. Part of me wants to beg him to just take it out, get rid of it, and part of me is like, oh, let it be.

Weigh in today! You'll find out later what it was!!!


Knitting Content

Finally, right?

No pictures, though, because it's a new design, and you know, I don't want to spoil it. You've seen the mock up:

Vera's Shawl - Mock-up

It's designed, dudes. Now it's just getting test knit by MOI, and then I'll find one other test knitter when I'M done, and then when they've knit it, it'll be available. Oy, long process. Such is life when one works full time and dabbles in this on the side, I suppose.

For the project, I'm using a delicious burnt umber kind of reddish cashmere/merino/silk from Colourmart. I cannot say enough great things about that company. I heart them. I'm also using clear glass sead beads, and boy, are they ever going to make this shawl lovely!

Anyway, just though I'd update you all. I am knitting. I just can't show you yet. :)


On That Road Again...

I'm losing weight. AGAIN.

But this is NOT just another diet. No, this is going to work. I have a very sneaking suspicion. Why? Because this is a real, grown up diet. Not read a book, now do it. It's called Simply For Life, and each week for six months, I'll meet with my nutritionist (A REAL ONE!!!), who tailors a meal plan to ME and updates it. I just finished my first week on the new plan, and it was EASY. I loved the food. There was almost too much of it, actually.

And guess what, dudes? I lost FOUR POUNDS in a week. IN A WEEK!! My parents have been seeing the same nutritionist since December, and my mom is down 25 pounds, my dad is down 60. So, with a little luck...

Each Friday, weigh-in day, I'll update you on my progress. And each month, I'll post pictures from when I started to the current date. Wish me luck!


Bun in the Oven

Two of them.

Not babies, but bread. I mean, do you *really* think I'd be enjoying a cold and delicious glass of Pinot Grigio right now if I was knocked up? I think not.

I bake our bread, not buy it. It's really the best thing ever. It costs less than $0.50 a loaf, and it tastes so much better than store bought. Want my recipe?

1/2 cup HOT water from the tap.
1 tsp sugar
Dissolve sugar in water in a small bowl and let it cool slightly until lukewarm to the touch. Add 1 tbsp of active dry yeast (no packets!!). Set aside for ten minutes until proofed.

In another bowl, combine 1c of HOT water, 1/8 c. of honey, 1/8 c. white sugar, 1/4 c. sunflower oil. Stir. Then add 1 c. of all purpose flour. Stir until it's like a batter.

By this point, your yeast should have proofed, so add it to the bowl and stir it in well. Add 2 tsp. salt. Stir well. Add another cup of flour. Stir it in. Add enough flour that it's a very mushy dough.

Turn out onto a well-floured surface and knead that sucker, adding more flour, until it feels like velvet, has an even texture when you cut through it, and it's tacky, but doesn't stick ridiculously to your counter or your hands. Think that blue stuff you put posters up with.


Stick that back in your bowl and apply a wee bit of olive oil on top so that it doesn't dry out. Turn your oven on for about two minutes, then shut it off, and check the temperature inside. If it's pleasantly warm, like a warm bath, stick your bread dough in. If it's too hot, leave the door open to cool it out a bit, then stick your bread in. Leave it for about an hour, until doubled.

Punch down your dough. kneading slightly, and then divide into two greased non-stick pans. Coat tops with olive oil and put it back in your still-warm oven to rise again. At this point, grab a pan of water and put it on your bottom rack. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

When your bread looks like this, about an hour later, it's ready to bake.


Turn your oven to 400 *F, and let it chillax in there for 40 minutes. Then knock it down to 375 *F and bake for another 10. Bread is finished when it sounds hollow if you knock it on the top.

Turn it out, onto its side, on a rack to cool. On its side will stop the bread from sweating in the pan, and stop the tops of the loaves from falling. Brush the tops with butter while they're still warm. Voila, delicious, simple homemade bread.



Midnight Snacks

Is there anything more divine for a midnight snack than homemade bread with homemade butter and two soft-boiled eggs? I think not.

I procrastinated over the weekend, and here I am, 1:00 a.m., working my tushy off to ensure my work is done in time. Come midnight, I tend to get hungry, and having made bread just today and butter just yesterday (not with a butter churn, but with a food processor. Super easy), I decided to make some eggs to go with it and have a midnight snack.


I even used my grandmother's china for it.


There's something just so sweet about the little yellow yolk in a sea of white.


And the final verdict? Full and happy, ready to continue my work for at least another five hours.


(Pardon the hair. I've been working for 10 hours so far.)