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Finally, right?

No pictures, though, because it's a new design, and you know, I don't want to spoil it. You've seen the mock up:

Vera's Shawl - Mock-up

It's designed, dudes. Now it's just getting test knit by MOI, and then I'll find one other test knitter when I'M done, and then when they've knit it, it'll be available. Oy, long process. Such is life when one works full time and dabbles in this on the side, I suppose.

For the project, I'm using a delicious burnt umber kind of reddish cashmere/merino/silk from Colourmart. I cannot say enough great things about that company. I heart them. I'm also using clear glass sead beads, and boy, are they ever going to make this shawl lovely!

Anyway, just though I'd update you all. I am knitting. I just can't show you yet. :)

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West/CJ said...

gorgeous mock up. I can't wait for it to actually be availible.