On That Road Again...

I'm losing weight. AGAIN.

But this is NOT just another diet. No, this is going to work. I have a very sneaking suspicion. Why? Because this is a real, grown up diet. Not read a book, now do it. It's called Simply For Life, and each week for six months, I'll meet with my nutritionist (A REAL ONE!!!), who tailors a meal plan to ME and updates it. I just finished my first week on the new plan, and it was EASY. I loved the food. There was almost too much of it, actually.

And guess what, dudes? I lost FOUR POUNDS in a week. IN A WEEK!! My parents have been seeing the same nutritionist since December, and my mom is down 25 pounds, my dad is down 60. So, with a little luck...

Each Friday, weigh-in day, I'll update you on my progress. And each month, I'll post pictures from when I started to the current date. Wish me luck!

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