Today is my 3rd anniversary!

Let me tell you something about my husband. If there is any man on this earth who pulls his weight, it's Robbie. He pulls his weight and a lot of mine, too. He has a full-time job (which he's really good at), is a completely involved and passionate father, cleans, does laundry, does the dishes, and boy, without him, this house would fall apart. I mean, really, fall apart.

On top of that, he's just super thoughtful. He gets cards for special occasions, buys Christmas presents when I forget (it happens a lot), makes sure things are remembered...I don't know what I'd do without him.

I love him to bits, and although I'm not a great wife sometimes (don't I know it), I am so grateful that he's a great husband. The last six years together and the last three years married have been, hands down, the best of my life so far.

I love you, Robbie! Thanks for being just about the best person I know!

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