Robbie and Elodie and I headed down to the Stampede grounds on Sunday to check things out, watch the Bare Naked Ladies (Canadian band, not actual bare naked ladies), and above all else--for me at least--check out the shawl. I was not disappointed.


I won't lie, when I heard that Evenstar shawl to the left was being entered, I nearly gave up hope. Evenstar is a stunning pattern, and I covet it immensely. But enter I did because of two reasons. One, I was very happy with how the shawl turned out. And two, hell, I wanted an effing ribbon.

Winning best in section, though, among all the amazing knitting entrants was really something unexpected. There were so many beautiful entries, such as that Evenstar as well as a really great hat, and I feel completely honoured to have been recognized.


I'm totally going to enter again next year. But what, I wonder. I'm seriously debating a Bohus, even though it's major money. Or maybe a Starmore, even though I hate the boxiness of the patterns. Or perhaps, since it works, I'll knit more lace. Who knows? One thing is for sure, though. I could get used to this winning thing.


Threadless said...

AWESOME! Great Job! Oh that must be such a validating feeling!!

Jen said...

Your shawl was absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

Debbie said...

Oh congratulations...you sooo deserve it! That shawl is beautiful (I'd never be able to complete one!) I look at them longingly...and realize..move on..it will never happen ;-)