Weigh-In Fridays

This week, I lost *drum roll*

One pound. Blah. It's my own damn fault. After finding out that I have to get this surgery, I may have consumed a fair number of peanut butter M&Ms. And some wine. And a burger. Can we say emotional eater?

Oh, well. I'm down nine pounds, and when I'm naked (not when I weigh in), I see the other side of 170, which is something I haven't seen in a year. So that's something I suppose.

Oh, a certain shawl may have won first place at the Calgary Stampede Western Showcase....


ilovemyliam said...

Oh yay! Congrats on the shawl! Oh, and I am only at 5 lbs so you are way ahead of me! Great job!

Kayla W said...

Thanks, lady! And five pounds is great, considering you're so effing tiny already!!!