No Batteries. New screen.

I am officially out of batteries on my camera, and we have not been able to find the battery charger since the move. Robbie's ordered one on the intertubes. I hope it comes soon.

In other news, I've washed half of my mioget fleece and started combing it. It's looking beautiful. I'm spinning one ply in just plain shetland and the other is goto be combed with silk. It should be a lovely thing when it's done. I plan on making ME something with it.

Robbie also was a doll and bought me a new LCD flatscreen for my computer. My work is hopping, and this will hopefully be a bit easier on the eyeballs. Of late, things have been hectic here, and this is my first night off this week. I plan on sleeping until at least 7:00 and then working my butt off all day tomorrow. Exciting, no?

Friday, I'm not working. I've decided against it. Instead, I have a baby blanket that MUST be finished for a baby shower on Saturday. I'm desperate to get it done. 10 more rounds and it's finished, so cross your fingers for me.

Hopefully I'll have pictures.

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