Fluffy McGoodies.

New yarn!!!!

This lovely puffiness is 100% wool. Green with black and white tones and flecks for a lovely heathery yarn. Spun up thick 'n' thin, and then plied with a green thread. We have coils in here as well. About 5 ounces. It WILL be for sale in the store at its grand opening. Watch for more yarn pictures of my latest spins on here TOMORROW!

(this picture kind of blows because I took it with the flash on)

p.s. I have sheep fleece. Six of them. Anybody know how to process it??????? :P

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Ellen in Conn said...

process: wash, spin, or knit?

To wash:
crank up your water heater as high as it will go. Then follow these directions:

http://www.joyofhands pinning.com/washing-fleece.shtml