I guess I'm not taking tomorrow off. I'm here, at 12:30 at night, working my butt off to finish a particularly awful file. I can't say much because of confidentiality, but it's a sexual molestation case. How terrible.
I've exceeded my goals for the week, and I accepted 70 minutes for tomorrow, which will put me in a very comfortable spot, as far as goals for next week go.

Today, I started skeining my 4.4 oz of silk laceweight, which I have named Poseiden. It's so lovely. Fingers crossed I find my memory card and camera (I know it's around here somewhere...) so I can take a picture tomorrow.

OH! Other news! I'm now the proud owner of SIX full fleeces. They're rare breeds, but I got all six, probably 3-4 lbs each, for far less than should be legal. I'm very excited. I'll have enough wool to spin for ages. The breeds include Scottish blackface, at least two Jacobs and Cotswold. The processing, I'm not totally looking forward to, but it'll be worth the work. The Cotswold has a staple length of 6+ inches, so I'm rather looking forward to it.

I also got a gift certificate from my mom for Xmas to Shuttleworks, and I plan on getting some carders there. One day, I will own a drum carder, but that'll be second after my Matchless. I WANT ONE! I love Merle, but the Matchless is, well, Matchless. Maybe a Ladybug is more in my price range, though. *sigh* So many possibilities.

Okay. Enough rambling! I've got to finish work!

You know, I've noticed that my blog has really because procrastination from work for me. Not that I'm complaining.

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Mary said...

You are spinning and knitting such beautiful things! I'm so amazed! How is the baby? Mine isn't speaking English very well, so I'm sending her to a Spanish speaking babysitter. We'll try a different language and see if she picks that up. We'll get her talking one way or another!

I really want a new layout for my blog. i like yours. How? Where? When? and How?