So somebody hit my car today. Lucky me, Elodie was in the back. They claim that they took their E-brake off while facing downhill on their sloping street (which I was driving on), started to skid and then hit me. I think they were actually starting to drive, realized that I was already driving down the hill, slammed on their brakes, lost control and hit me. Of course, I'd noticed them coming and hit my brake so it wasn't as bad as it could've been.

The whole front passenger side of my car is smushed in, the light is missing. Such is the benefits of a plastic car, but Elodie and I are fine, and the hit really wasn't too bad. I have gotten their insurance stuff. They said they were from BC and not used to Alberta winter driving conditions, but they're about to get a taste of Alberta insurance. I feel for them.

In other news, when I finally got to my destination, Elodie had a great time playing with her friend, KJ. They're so funny at this age. Baby knitting is continuing apace, and things are looking good. I got bored with just the Scandanavian Jacket and cast on Elodie's Fairisle sweater. It's so pretty, and the colors are nice and bright.

But we're off to dinner at my parents' house. Toodaloo!


Mary said...

I'm so happy to hear that you and Elodie are ok!!!

Toby said...

Glad everyone is OK. Will the Saturn live? Will you get a different coloured door? Primer maybe?, cause that's cool.

Kayla J said...

The Saturn will live, although she'll need some work. The bumper needs to be replaced and so will the passenger-side fender. Luckily, I think we'll be able to keep our car all the same color ;)

And yes, thank goodness Elodie and I are okay. Mostly Elodie, though. She's easier to break.