Busy Bee

I haven't had time to knit or take pictures or spin or anything! I finally have a consistent amount of work coming in! Halleluia!

I did spend a few hours the other night rearranging all my fibre stuff into one spot in the office. We have the 1-year walkthrough of our house at the end of this month, so we have to clean this place from the top to bottom. I managed to get all my yarn, all my fibre, my wheel, my sewing machine, my fabric and my spun yarn into one corner of my office. It looks great! Now to finish cleaning the rest of the house. *dead*

As I said, I've been super busy. I finished the left front of the baby sweater, and I'm nearly done clue one of the Spring Shawl Surprise (or Surprice, if you prefer). I'm doing a beaded version, and it's really beautiful, if I do say so myself.

I have silk on the wheel, named Poseidon because of the beautiful greens, blues and yellows, and it's being spun up into laceweight. It will be for sale in my etsy shop when it's all done. I also have 3+ pounds of prepared fibre to finish spinning into goodies, finished a yarn called Spearmint Rainbow, and I WILL have pictures on here tomorrow.

Did I mention that this weekend, my baby brother and I are making a bit of a roadtrip to small-town Saskatchewan, visiting my grandparents on the way, for my cousin's bachelor party (somewhat late because he got married on December 31st in Mexico) and his wife's baby shower? This is THE mommy who is having THE baby, whom I am knitting madly for! Hooray!

I'd love to say that we're ready to hit the baby train again, but we're so busy and life is so stressful and our daughter wears us out so much! Who knew a 20-month-old could talk so much? Seriously, she puts me to shame, which is a huge feat. I don't. stop. talking. It drives my husband crazy, and at our wedding, EVERY speech contained some tidbit about how I don't shut up and he never opens his mouth. But I don't know when another baby will be coming around, although I'd rather get a move on. I miss little newborns. It'd be a challenge, but I think we could handle it.

Okay. Work is finally finished for the day, and I'm going to hit the hay for eight hours before I have to get up, stumble to my office and do it again.

Goals for tomorrow: Finish work on time so I don't have to work late again and spin more silk!!!

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