An Oopsie.

I made an oopsie a few days ago.

First, I'm a work-at-home transcriptionist. I type for a living from my house. Therefore, I don't really have a lot of contact with people during the day, save for my husband, who comes home for lunch. As such, many of us transcriptionists belong to an online forum where we exchange information, tell stories, make jokes, discuss business stuff, get technical help, find extra work, etc. Consider it an online water cooler.

Long story short, one of the moderators asked for a prize from me one day. It's a thing. I can't really explain it. I went out and found this:

Cute, right? Funny, no? I thought it was hilarious, personally, so I posted it. I was in a hurry, so I just hotlinked it. BAD idea.
A few minutes later, replies are saying things like, "Why are you posting that?!" "Ew, that's gross." and "OH, MY GOD!" Then the administrator said, "Sorry, ladies. This has GOT to go."
Turns out the image was hotlink protected. What I saw, and what one of the moderators saw, was the image above. What everbody else saw was a transexual receiving some oral pleasure from another male...with the saying, "I'm a dirty bandwidth thief."
Needless to say...yeah. I was mortified. After profuse apologies, January 25th was designated "Trannie Porn Day." Trannie is our inside joke for transcriptionist. Get it? Trannie? Transcriptionist? And Sugar, the administrator, changed my screen name to Trannie Queen.
Good thing I have a sense of humor. That could've gone terribly wrong.
By the way, repeat after me. I will NEVER. HOTLINK. AGAIN.

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haze said...

THAT is the funniest thing - you just gave me my first laugh of the day.

Sorry you got in shite for the picture (which is so cute) though. I hope you're over the embarrassment by now.