Yarn Stash Ahoy!

Okay, so I pulled out my gigantic cardboard box of yarn and took a buttload of pictures. Want to see? I'll try to arrange these in a somewhat coherent manner, and be aware that this is about ... half of the yarn I own. The rest is stashed randomly around my house.
First, we have a lovely crochet-type unnatural fiber yarn. I've been using this to make a light spring jacket for SmElodie.

Second is the crap that I was too lazy to pull out and take pictures of singly. Honestly most of this stuff is really crappy. That green ball? yeah, that's weird sparkly Xmas yarn that I don't remember owning before this photo. Maybe yarn follows me home -- I don't know.

This is a close-up of some fun fur type stuff (really chunky yarn) that I got for $2 at a sale. Bonus.

Random fun furs that I inherited from my late Mother-in-law.

A nice, soft chunky blue yarn and a worsted weight red. I have four skeins of this red. The color of it is truer in the first picture.

The next is a GIANT skein of weird lace stuff. I can't remember the name for it, but it does have a specific name. I got this sucker for $3 at Walfart.

A cotton and homespun. The cotton is nice and the homespun is something you don't want to knit on sharp needles.

I haven't finished this little bun-bun yet, but I'm working on it. It's a crazy Japanese amigurumi. We loves them.

Two balls (wound from hanks) of a red yarn. It's wool. It knits really nicely too, as you can see from the scarf that I'm working on (and will finish eventually).

Brown/tan-ish cotton skein. Probably doomed to be made into washcloths.

These suckers are actually black. Left-overs of Meow's granny-square afghan I made a few years back.

Shhhhh. This next is going to be a baby blankie for James and Jen's little fetus.
A nice sport-weight yarn for babies. I made a baby blankie for Elly when I was still preggo with this stuff. I may have over-guestimated on the amount of yarn I'd need. (oops)

More cotton. I went through a cotton "thing". I also have no idea why the cotton is discoloured....um....I swear I didn't do anything to it.

My sexy White Buffalo yarn. Previously mentioned.

More cotton. This skein is at least 2 lbs.

Okay, yes this is more cotton--and a swatch that I knitted up. You can't really tell in the picture, but there is a pair of baby foot prints on that swatch. :)
Baby blankie yarn...a few blankies on the go...I haven't touched them in at least 2 months.

A crazy boucle. It's brown and hideous. I have no idea why I bought it or what I am going to make with it.
More baby blankie yarn (I've noticed I have more yarn than baby blankies needed...). You've seen this stuff before as it is the current baby blankie in progress.
Red (*drooooooool*) laceweight
Random ball of yellow aran. I plan on making a sweater with yellow pattern stuff on it eventually. One day.
Pea coat yarn. Worsted weight, 100% wool. It actually still has bits of grass in it...

Well, that's if for now. Lots of pictures. You have no idea how much more yarn I have. I'm actually at the point where I sit here thinking, "Okay, I know I've knit (crocheted, screwed around with, fondled) [insert yarn] at some point in time (yesterday, 5 minutes ago). Where the [expletive] did it go?!" I guess that's what happens when you move.
I found another lace knitting book at the library. Robbie is on assignment.

Tomorrow, I'll show everybody how big my baby blankie is!! Oooooooo! Fancy!

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