Bad to Worse, to FAR Better!

Remember I said that I had cast on my first lace project with my red laceweight? Well, I had. It was beautiful. The way that the thread flowed through my fingers and onto the needles felt like magic.

Well, that was fine and dandy until I dropped a stitch. Trying to pick up my dropped stitch made me drop ANOTHER stitch. Now, I can save stitches when it's a normal knitted something--baby blankies, for instance--but NOT when it's lace and certainly not when it was my first lace project EVER!
I frogged it. The whole thing. I feel hollow.
Had to get blood work taken today, which made me feel worse. I guess I'll just pop into the thrift store and rummage around the craft section and see what I can find...
What was that? Is that laceweight?
Guess who came to live with me?
I immediately took pictures, much to Robbie's chagrin, and then cast on another lace project!
I feel much better :)

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