My Latest Obsession

My maternity leave is quickly coming to a close and I've had to reduce my spending to prepare for the end of EI supplementing my income. In order to do this, I've stopped purchasing new yarn. Notice the "new" in that sentence.

So where do I get my scrumptious yarns from now? The thrift store. I've started buying sweaters/scarves/knitted randoms and unravelling them. The process is simple enough but rather time consuming. Anyways, let me show you my goodies from yesterday.

These yummies started life as a scarf

These began theirs as a particularily hideous sweater vest.

This mother of a skein came from a spectacularily ugly peice of nastiness which I will call "grandma chic".

These two are a kid mohair blend which is the most beautiful lavendar and is so soft and has such a nice halo. I'm not letting these two go for anything!

And, finally, the one I'm working on. I've unravelled the sleeve and it's made a fair-sized skein. I'm probably going to get 4 or 5 suckers out of this sweater which is a mohair-blend laceweight.

Now, after you rip apart a sweater, you have to make sure to soak the yarn in a hot, soapy bath in order to get that nasty thrift store stench off of the skeins. Like I said, it's a buttload of work, but you can see that the end results are well worth it if you're looking for some quality yarn for a fraction of the price. I think I spent $25 on the sweaters.

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Great job, Thank you for sharing!