Forgive me, for I have sinned

Okay. It wasn't my fault. The yarn was calling me over and over...several times in the night. It was asking why I was ignoring it's beauty--the gentle mix of purples and blues. I tried to resist. But resistance is futile, so says Darth. So I swatched up my next project. And when I'd finished the swatch, I cast on the really cute coat that I am making for Elodie. I really haven't knitted that much of it...only about 1/2 a foot. So 40 rows or something like that. Not much at all.

True I haven't worked on the baby blanket today. But I needed a break! The repetitive nature of that blanket was driving me NUTS. The yarn is beautiful, it's soft and silky, perfect for a baby, and was only $4 for 5 skeins at Walmart. Now THAT, my friends, is a steal. Want to see some pictures? That's what I thought.

Pretty, huh? Just your typical basket-weave blankie. Nothing spectacular. Baby blankies are nice because they knit up so quickly, but they get so boring and repetitive. And, of course, when things get repetitive, I lose interest and make mistakes while knitting...like miscounting ONE stitch. So then I get to the end of the row and there's suddenly an extra stitch that I have NO idea where it came from and I have to recount, rip it back and do that row over again. Very frustrating.

In other news, I bought the fabric for my curtains today. It's lovely. I've finished one panel and am finishing the other panel tomorrow. I'll post pics then...and maybe some pics of the offending coat which I cast on today. I'm so ashamed.

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