In the beginning...

Yet another knitting blog starting up. *le sigh*

Let me explain why I'm starting this.

1) Most knitting blogs out there are run by knitters who have been at their craft for EVER. I am not one of those knitters :) I began knitting last year when I inherited ooooodles of knitting implements and wanted to learn how to use them for things other than hair styling.

2) I love yarn. Period.

3) We have FOUR couples who are either in the family or close friends that are having babies. I never pass up an opportunity to buy yarn and this makes the PERFECT excuse.

4) Did I mention I love yarn?

I've been considering starting a knitting blog for some time now. And, of course, I asked the powers that be to send me a sign that overknitpopulation of the 'net was in order. Guess what I found today?
That's right, folks. White Buffalo yarn. Bernat discontinued it...oh, three years ago-ish. Not only was I super excited to find this unspun yarn, but It. Was. On. Sale. Breathe. 50% off! I paid only $5 for these two suckers and boy was I excited.

I may have bought pretty new needles to match the yarn.

For those of you who have never heard of White Buffalo Unspun, it is a 6 ply unspun yarn which is very Canadian, and apparently VERY cool to work with. I've seen skeins of unspun just like White Buffalo at my local yarn store, but it was (wait for it) $15 a skein. Anyways, I'm thinking a sweater for my daughter??

Artemis had to be bribed with meat sauce for this picture, so you will note the crazed expression on his face.

You know, for some reason, my dear fiance seems to think it's odd that I take pictures (several) for a few minutes (several) of yarn. I have no idea why. Doesn't everybody? Speaking of pictures of yarn, I really need to pull out my stash and photodocument the evidence. I really *do* have too much, but when is too much a bad thing? Ice cream, perhaps (unless it's Ben and Jerry's), but certainly not yarn!

In other news, I'm busily making baby blankets. You have no idea how hard it was for me not to toss the blankie aside and cast on my new wool. But I digress. I am determined not to be such a pluralist. But, it's hard for a knitting pluralist. I'll add some pictures of my blankie tomorrow.

I'm going to go hug my yarn. I'm so happy.

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