Ode to my library

Not much to report today by way of knitting. The baby blanket is ever longer, and when I'm bored with that, I pick up the pea coat to knit on. I have been itching to work on that red laceweight, but I don't have a nice pattern and have never actually knit laceweight before. I've put a lace shawl knitting book on hold at the library and when it comes in then success will be mine!

I don't actually buy knitting books anymore. I gave my previous ones to Barb to learn from and have decided to save my wallet and borrow my knitting books from the public library. I am amazed that I never thought of this before! Just a quick browse through their online directory and I salivate with anticipation. If I had no self control...wait. If I had less self control than I do now (which isn't very much to begin with) then I'd put every book on hold and go to it!

Of course, not all knitting books are created equal. So where do I decide which books to check out? Why the reviews on Amazon, of course! Just type in your book's title, scroll to the reviews and it'll tell you whether or not this book is THE ONE.

I suppose my biggest issue with knitting books is that I'll open up a book and there are 50 patterns but only 3 are actually worth making. Take the book I'm working on, for instance. It is called "Monkeysuits". I rented it for the pea coat on the front (the one I'm doing for Smelly Ely). There are some super SUPER adorable things in there. But there are also things I wouldn't be caught dead knitting - like THIS. It doesn't look as bad in that picture, and it might be kind of cute if it were knit in different colours, but that is (in my opinion) redonkulous. There's one other that I cannot, for the life of me, find a picture of on the 'net. It's this weird black and white opposite thing and it's uglier than sin. But, yeah, some of the others are SUPER adorable.

So, to summarize my ramble, if you want to save money on your knitting obsession (because you don't want to skimp on yarn like a crazy person!) just get books from your local library. Score!


Barb said...

Really, I remember you telling me you had given up the knitting, and now look. You're all obsessed! And I have your books and am out of yarn....

Kayla J said...

What can I say? I've been bit by a bug and obsessed is an understatement. :P