Not For Fun

I must say, the colposcopy is not as bad as it sounds. I was totally freaked out thinking that it would be this wretched thing, but it wasn't that bad. Certainly not nearly as painful as an unmedicated labor, but not fun, nonetheless.

We went in this morning for it, and it looks like they are definitely severe cell changes. Ick. They took two biopsy samples (which was yucky), and took a scraping WAY up there (which was worse), and then said that even though they think they got it all, I will probably be getting a LEEP biopsy. I'll get the results in about two weeks, so please continue to keep your fingers crossed that the margins are clear and I don't need any more stuff!!


Mary said...

Wishing you "clear margins"!!! Do you have to have paps every 3 mths now?

If you have to have the LEEP, they use some numbing stuff. It's kinda weird cuz the leep wire is really hot and smoke comes out of your hoo-ha.

Then you can say "I'm smoking hot!" and really mean it!

I hope your margins are clear and you never get the icky cells again! Good luck, hun.

granolagirl said...

Good luck with it all. I hope in the end they find you healthy and happy.