Myself in Pictures

This is stolen from Hadley Gets Crafty. I thought it was rather ingenous and beautiful.

The rules:
1. Go to http://www.flickr.com/
2. Type in your answer to the question in the "search" box
3. Use only the first page
4. Copy the html and paste for the answer

What is your first name?

Don't worry...........

Favorite food?

Flickr Loves Sushi. Mmm.

What high school did you go to?

Favorite color?

c’mon, get me if you can…♫ a praying mantis from bali ♫

What is your favorite drink?

wham:a different corner

Dream Vacation?

I do have a note to make on this one. This church below came up when I typed in Jels, which is where my family is from. This just happens to be the church my grandmother is burried at.

Danish Church

Favorite Dessert?

Big & Small

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chesil Cove - Night time long exp

What do you love most in life?

Father & Daughter

One word to describe you?

an old lady with an umbrella in Ravangla market!

What do you dream about?



Rena said...

Awesome!!! Totally you too! Very inspiring on a day like today. Missed you last night -- and for that matter last week too -- and hope that everything is super in your world. Beeeeuuuuutiful pix of the swallowtail and the hemlock ring too. You rock!

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

Yours turned out so well!

Kayla W said...

Oh, C, I missed you too! I'll be there on Friday during the day. You should come on down, and we'll visit. (((HUGS)))