On December 31, I cast on a pretty sweater, the first of my cables and colourwork challenge.


The goal of my challenge is to purchase four patterns in the year of 2011 that are either cables or colourwork, buy pretty yarn and make 'em. My usual way of doing things is checking for free patterns and using them with discount yarn (or at least small projects with expensive yarn). And while the Cascade 220 Heathers that I cast this sucker on with is not exactly expensive, seven skeins does pinch my budget a wee bit. I'm a rather frugal person, and even though I know this $70 sweater is not going to break my bank by any means, I still think of other uses for it. I mean, you're looking at the woman who gives her husband an allowance and is on track for the whole family to be debt free (save for the mortgage) by 2012. Just in time for the end of the world. ;)


But it does look so pretty, and the yarn is lovely. The heather bit is hard to pick up in the photo, but it's a very vibrant green running throughout the blue. And while the twisted stitches in the pattern (like, all of the knit stitches...) were something that concerned me, it's really not bad at all. It makes the whole thing look very crisp. So far, I'm enjoying it, although I did knit a few dishcloths to reassure myself that I would be able to knit normally after this.

That bowl in the back is my yarn bowl, by the way. Love them.

In other news, I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time since my birthday on the 28th. On the 28th, it read at 165. Today? 160. Awesome.

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