For Tammy

Deep in corners of the mind
Curled and peeled as fading time
Lies a gold-tint aura glow
And knows not strength and loving so.

And through the quiet of this dream
There comes resounding, crashing stream
of type, of song, of aching shout
that pulls all down and spits all out

Angst of loss is crushing blow.
Thus eats the gold-tint aura glow.

I shut my ears and screen my eyes
I push it all and break the ties
I leave it where it just belongs
I hear the rumpled, din, dim song.

Song weak and far and true in pain
and lost and lonely and bathed in rain.
A hand, a guiding light is burst.
A spot, a point, a growing thirst.

That sound erupts, the song sung strains
the glowing aura there remains
The voices join and ebb and flow
we bathe in forever’s warming glow.

It will not, cannot leave us cold,
for we are joined with magic old.
And above all song, a whisper fast.
Body gone. Love will last.


Goodbye, Tammy. May we meet again some day.


I had previously posted about my friend Tammy. You may read it here. Sadly, my mom called this morning to let me know that Tammy passed away this morning around 6:00 a.m. She died at home, surrounded by her family after a very brave fight with cancer. She will be very missed.

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Kristen said...

So Sorry for your loss :(