I have lost 30 pounds in six months! YAY!

My BMI has gone from 31 to 26.2. I have gone from obese to overweight, and considering a "normal" BMI is 18.1 to 24.9, I'm getting closer. Almost there! My goal is no longer for a weight loss of 60 pounds, but for a total loss of 45-50. That will put me at 140-145, and I'll be perfectly happy. I fully expect it will take another six months before I reach that goal.

Some pictures:

Before @ 192 pounds:

before4 before2

before3 before

After at 162 pounds:

after5 after4


After After2

Ignore some of the makeup in that top picture. I was an elf in a Christmas show. Hence the ears.

So YAY me! Onward!!


West/CJ said...

That's fantastic! Go you!

Debbie said...

You look fabulous! So I know you must FEEL even better....oh..and I LOVE the makeup and elf ears... love it!