Year of Colour and Cables

2010 is nearly at an end. I managed to fulfill my goal of designing five things (although one is not yet published). Two shawls, two socks and a scarf. Not too shabby. Now the time comes to plan my knitting goal for 2011.

This year, I've decided to add to the challenge. I intend to purchase patterns, intricate ones that will challenge me, and I will knit them. These patterns will be colour and cables. Perhaps not in both, but something to challenge me in colourwork, whether it be stranded, fair isle or intarsia, and the cables will be CRAZY awesome.

So far, ideas on the table are:



Durmstrang Socks

And maybe something Starmore? I'm not sure yet on that one.

I want to do at least one sweater in each, cables and colour, and I want to do maybe one of the beautiful stranded baby blankets that you see on Ravelry. Knit in the round, steeked and then lined, they're absolutely beautiful.

So. I intend to start the first project in January. I'm thinking Royale will be it. Now to search for the perfect yarn. YAY!

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