Elodie's Dollhouse

For Christmas this year, Santa brought Elodie a dollhouse kit. The kit is for the Glencroft, a Tudor-style cottage. Here's what it will hopefully look like when we're finished:

For now, though, the house looks like this:


I have been at it for probably three hours, and I have more scrapes and burns and splinters than a woodworker, but it's coming along nicely. I have to finish putting it together, mud the joints, sand down the joints, prime the whole thing, paint it, add the roof and shingles, and then, and only then will Elodie and I head to the local craft store to search for felt suitable for carpets, scrapbooking paper suitable for wallpaper, and furniture for her little family.

I think I'm more excited about the finished prospect than Elodie. ;)

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