Weekend Update

Robbie and I had a great weekend. We hung out with friends, went dancing at a night club (when does that ever happen?!) and enjoyed alone time. Why? Because Elodie went for a weekend with her Pop, Robbie's dad.

Yesterday, my best friend called late in the afternoon to ask if I was around tonight because she came into town unexpectedly. Her brother, who is on the national Judo team, was in from Montreal and she came down to visit. I've known Amanda for almost 20 years, and we've been best friends since the day we met (maybe since the moment). She knows everything about me, and I know everything about her, and if she were a man, I'd probably be married to her. ;) In fact, I often joke that I married the male version of her. Robbie and Amanda are so similar that it's scary sometimes.

We went to my friend, Cat's, birthday, and then out to the local night club to dance for a bit. It's something I've always loved to do, and although Robbie's a terrible dancer, he tries really hard. Some music cira 1997 came on, and we had lots of fun singing along, and then laughing when all the young kids in the bar asked, "What is this song?" I did appreciate getting ID'ed as well.

Today, I read some of my textbooks for the doula course and stained one of the floors in Elodie's dollhouse.


I like the color of the floor, and the gel stain was easy to apply.

As for the book...I'm not as impressed. It's full of interesting information, but it's extremely one-sided. While I'm a strong advocate for a natural birth experience, there are many reasons that women choose not to participate in that process. This book seems to hint or assume that any woman with an uncomplicated labor who does not opt for a natural birth experience is either uncaring, uneducated or unreasonable.

I guess this just goes to remind me that while I'm a doula, I need to remember to respect the choices of my clients and help them have the birth that's most beneficial to them, whether it's what I would choose or not.

My plan for the months of June and July is to offer my services for free to as many women as I possibly can to gain experience and knowledge. If anybody knows of anyone who may be interested in this, please let me know.

In knitting matters, I've been working hard on my Royale. It's pretty.


I did find some instructions kind of confusing, like the neck shaping, for example, but I've worked it out. It is rather low, but I'm assuming that the hemline will bring it up to a less slutastic cut. When you have a front porch like mine, there's a very thin line between sexy and trashy.

All in all, at this very moment in time, life is wonderful. I love my family. I love my friends. My a capella group is an amazing bunch of people who I treasure spending time with. My bills are paid. My house is warm. I am grateful.

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