Done and Done

The cupcakes were finished on time, as was the floor and the painting and the cleaning. Our little princess had a great time playing with her friends, and we had a good time hanging with the parents.


She got more Barbies than I think I owned as a child, and she also got a really thoughtful gift from my parents (a oil painting of Elodie done by a friend) and a bike from Robbie's dad, a book from Robbie's dad's girlfriend, and an umbrella with matching rain jacket from Robbie's step-dad and his wife.

Also in the news, my cousin's wife had a baby on Friday. Cohen Anne is a sweet little girl, and we're so happy for Tanner, Kyla and big brother Caysen!

Finally, a knitting project is done. It's the biggest project I've EVER knit with by far the most stitches. I love it.


Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), I ran out of yarn halfway through the fifth chart and was forced to cast off early. Considering how huge it is, though, not knitting the last chart and a half was probably a good thing. For scale, i inserted a cool beverage in this photo...


Said beverage is currently being consumed. ;)

1 comment:

Kristen said...

omg you must have patience...I don't have the devotion to finish a sweater...or the other sock...probably why I only knit small things....

btw your cupcakes on SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!! See you in a few weeks for my barfday!