Cupcake Queen

You may be reading this post, looking at the time stamp, and wondering to yourself, What is Kayla doing up at this time of night. The honest answer? Freaking the frack out.

It is 12:03 a.m. It is Elodie's birthday party tomorrow, and tomorrow we are expecting no less than 30 people to descend on our house around 2:00. That's less than 14 hours away, for those of you who are doing the math. Today, I had to repaint my house. I am WAY behind on laying the kitchen floor, which I was going to be using today to do until I had a little accident (or rather the paint store had a little accident) and tinted my bucket of touch-up paint a darker grey than the colour I had painted the walls with. Suddenly, I had HUGE dark patches on my lovely walls, where I was just supposed to be touching up. So then I had to repaint THE WHOLE HOUSE. By whole house, I don't mean, oh, I touched up a room. Nope. Kitchen, livingroom, hallway. Did I mention we have vaulted ceilings? FUN TIMES.

And I was supposed to be completing the laminate floor in the kitchen today, but instead, was painting the whole house, so I started laying the floor at 9:00 p.m. Three hours ago. I have three feet done. OMG.

Did I mention there's a birthday party tomorrow? In my house. HERE. So I am awake, despite being exhausted, despite my bed calling to me...I can hear it now. I haven't knit anything in a week, so my stress level is nearly through the roof, and now...I'm baking cupcakes.

Elodie requested ladybugs. I was originally going to make wee fondant ladybugs sitting amid a cupcake of grass with wee flowers. Well, that got fracking tossed. Now I'm doing lady bugs, the easy, cheap, fast way.


It's a good thing her Mommy is creative.

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Threadless said...

Those are the awesomest ladybugs ever! How adorable!