It's All About Me!

Stolen from Jocelyn, for whom I'm spinning some lovely Merino.

I am: Kayla -- Miss mew to my family and Kaylalalalala to friends.
I think: far too much about far too many things.
I know: a lot of really pointless facts, thanks to my job.
I have: a horrible disease called Acceptitis.

I wish: I had a prehensile tail.


I hate: spiders with ever fibre of my being.
I miss: sleeping in every day.
I fear: death.
I hear: Mulan in the next room.
I smell: my dog. Ick.
I crave: peanut butter M&Ms and Swedish Berries.
I search: for small moments all to myself.
I wonder: who is going to win the presidential election. (Go Obama!)
I regret: not being nicer to my parents when I was a kid.
I love: kneading bread.
I ache: pretty much everywhere. I've been painting all weekend.
I am not: tall or willowy or stunning, but I am happy with myself for the most part.
I believe: in paying it forward.
I dance: the polka every chance I get.
I sing: all the time.
I cry: when I feel upset, and I don't hold it in.
I fight: because I'm stubborn.
I win: because Robbie usually lets me.
I lose: in arguments with my Grandpa. He's more stubborn than I am.
I never: pee outside.
I always: nap in the afternoon.
I confuse: right and left all. the. time.
I listen: to everything my grandmother tells me. She's done most everything before me.
I can usually be found: in a good mood.
I am scared: of the dark and sleeping alone.
I need: to learn how to be a better cleaner.
I am happy about: pretty much everything in my life right now. Although I could always use more money, but who couldn't?
I imagine: fame and fortune in my daydreams because I know that I couldn't handle it in real life.
I tag: everybody who feels like playing!

Here’s how you play: in a post at your own blog, copy and paste all the questions below. Erase out my answers and replace them with your own.

Please leave a note so I may go learn all about you

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Jocelyn said...

hehehe How fun! Thanks for playing.

I so need to learn how to be a better cleaner too.