100th post, Elodie the Yarn Wrangler, a Spider and Socks.

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to, but it's been a busy few weeks.

I have been crafting a lot more now that I don't have quite so much work to do. I've spun up eight ounces over the last few weeks, and they're really nice. I'm also working on the MS4 (done clue one!), a sock and I've been spinning for some people.

So let me begin my story with my day today. It's been a good day. I got some work done this morning, managed to eat lunch and take a bath. I had a nap when Elodie napped, and I worked on my sock while she watched Dora. I thought, hey, it's nice out. Let's take the yarn and the sock to the park, I'll knit while she plays, and before we go home, I'll get some pictures for the blog. Great idea, right?


4 oz hand-dyed Merino that Robbie picked up in Vancouver while on a transportation summit.
375 yds
Heavy fingering


4 ozs BFL, hand painted by Annie.
440 yds

Elodie had great fun with the yarn shoot.







I even managed to get some good pictures of the sock I'm working on. It's my own design (!!!), that I will be publishing to the blog once it's done. Perhaps on Ravelry, too. I don't know.


I've been feeling the big cables lately, since they remind me so much of fall.


And then the Spider.

I was just packing our stuff up when I feel something hit my face. It felt like it was tugging to one side, so I turn my head in that direction, and ... you know on Charlotte's Web how the baby spiders release their silk parachutes and go flying off into the wilderness? This spider had a parachute. So said parachute hit me in the face, and when I turn around, here's Mr. Big Spider (a weird, white crab-looking one) all splayed out and blowing in the breeze behind me. So I freak out and quickly snap the little line that's attaching him to me.

I'm all shaky and ick, but disaster has been diverted (so I thought), so I'm starting to calm down. Then I hear this:

"Aw, hi, Charlotte!" Which is Elodie's name for spiders. All spiders. Even big, white crab-looking ones.

"Elodie, is there a Charlotte on my back?" (Doing some heavy mouth breathing)


"Elodie, can you take the Charlotte off my back?" (Doing very very heavy mouth breathing)

"Okay, mommy." Brushes my back. "All gone."

I turn around. "Thank you, Elodie." I see movement. Charlotte is not all gone. Charlotte is climbing down my pant leg.

So after a weird, interpretive dance thing and a few questions ("What you dancing for? You happy, mommy?"), Elodie and I manage to pack up our things and head home.

Quite eventful for my 100th post. Perhaps it was fate.


Jocelyn said...

Elodie is adorable. "you happy Mommy?" made me LOL. And these pictures? amazing! Will she accept yarn posing assignments? ha!

Annie said...

awwwww.. she's so adorable...i love that little face.

that spider story gave me the shivers.. you were very brave.

happy 100th post!

granolagirl said...

Love the yarn and the model. Love the sock pattern- can't wait to make it I even bought some yarn recently that would be perfect for it! (I could be your test knitter :))

Hadley Gets Crafty said...

That picture of Elodie with the yarn around her neck is just too cute.

Annie10 said...

Hey, I've done that dance , too! I usually add words to the song .. Woo! Yuh! Iiiii!!!!! Your daughter is so adorable! I love the look on her face when she's sqooshing all the yarn! The one with the yarn around her neck is really beautiful - have you had it made into an 8x10 and had it framed? Really nice work - I love the colors of your spun stuff, and hope to master socks one day. I just can't seem to get the hang of dpns for the life of me. Can I please ask where you buy your roving? (I'm just started spinning this year.) Thanks! Annie in CZ

Kayla W said...

I bought my roving from spinknitthefiberqueen.blogspot.com, who just happens to be named Annie as well! You can buy her fibre from make1yarns.com, or you can probably contact her directly for other purchasing options.


Sonia said...

Love the cables on those socks! I look forward to seeing the pattern...