Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Happy belated Canada Day!

I had a lovely day, out and about with Terra. We went to M1 and knit a bit. Then I taught her to spin. I think she's going to be an amazing spinner! Very nice first yarn, although the center pull ball for plying didn't work so well. It took three of us to ply (blush). Annie had to hold the ball, I held the middle, and Terra spun the spindle.

Speaking of Annie, she's the latest addition to my blogroll. She's an amazing dyer, and an all-around great person. If you like hand-dyed fibre, drop her a line. Totally cool person. Love her to bits.

Robbie and I had our first wedding anniversary on the 30th. We had a great time, watched Wall-E and drank a bottle of wine (Thanks mom!). Elodie hung out at grandma and grandpa's house so we could get some alone time.

Finally, have you read the Harlot's Canada Day blog post? Check it out if you haven't.

The second Red Dwarf sock is half done. I'm so glad I'm starting on my Christmas knitting early this year.


granolagirl said...

Thanks for the spinning lesson and the care package- I had such a blast and had to tell everyone I knew today that I learned to spin!

Unfortunately the stuff I spun last night didn't ply up as nice as the stuff we made in the store...not sure why, maybe not tight enough...

We'll have to hang out again soon.

Annie said...

awww... you are such a peach.