Spin and spin and spin and spin...

Terra came over yesterday for a spin date. It was so much fun! I'll post pictures later tonight after my work day is done. I technically shouldn't be posting this right now, since I'm "working," but hell, I'm posting anyway.

I finished a lot of stuff, including my camel/silk. I got 300 yards of laceweight from about two ounces of fibre, one ply camel, one ply silk. Super happy with that! I also managed to skein some sock yarn that's been on the spindle forever. And I decided to use my spindle for my next bout of sock yarn. I do love spindling.

Between spinning, watching a movie (very strange movie) and eating A LOT of junk food, there was lots of laughter and stories and girl talk.

FYI: Tour de Fleece is up and going! Are you in it this year?


Hadley Gets Crafty said...

I can't even begin to imagine a camel/silk blend! Is it itchy? Gorgeous? Hot? Amazing?

criscollrj said...

Kayla, if I haven't told you before, your knitting and spinning are amazing!

And how you do all that with your work too, and your baby, is also amazing!

dori (criscollrjmom from the boards…)