Picture Time!

It's a beautiful day here, at 20 degrees. Very unusual for the middle of October, but I decided not to waste it and hurried outside with my camera to get some lovely pictures in the sun. I must have looked like a nut job surrounded by all my yarn in my front yard. :) I'm not really sure if I can put this post into a neat and orderly fashion, but I'll try.
First, Here's a few more pictures of the Stolen Moments Wrap by Amy Swenson. It's a lovely thing. I'll be sad to see it go come Xmas time.

Next up, we have some pictures of other Xmas presents in the works.
This is the Branching Out scarf, which I am calling the "Little Branching Out" simply because I'm using smaller needles than called for, making for tighter stitches. It's done in Rowan Felted Tweed on size 4 mm needles.
Next up is a half-completed project, Knucks from Knitty. These are also done in Rowan Felted Tweed for my little brother. He's a pilot, so I'll be spelling "Fly Boy" on the back of them.
The kid has huge hands. As you can probably barely make out, a little lady bug came to visit. He must be a little camera shy, though, because when I tried to take his picture, he scarpered.
On to spinning! I bought this from Make 1 last weekend when Robbie left.
It's one pound of superwash in some lovely berry colors. I wanted it to self-stripe for the project I'm working on with it, so I spun it into a lovely thick 'n' thin single. Then I plied it with a beaded this:
Remember the laceweight I got at the thrift store back in March? Yeah. I beaded it and plied it with my thick 'n' thin single and got this:
Whatever could that be in the background?
Hmmmm....looks familiar. (The beads photographed much brighter than they actually are. They're really quite a dark blue.)
Now it really looks familiar.
Who guessed it? Anybody? It's the latest (and final) rendition of the Plied Scarf, which is almost done. I'm calling the colorway "Newfie Twilight," since it reminds me of those beautiful sunsets over the ocean where the stars are just starting to come out. Once the pattern's out, I'll be offering kits of the pattern and beaded yarn for sale RIGHT HERE! YAY!
Next on the agenda, I'm finished spinning that sock yarn. SEVEN SKEINS OF IT!
I'll be gifting two skeins of it (the already wound ball in the centre) to knittinggrammy because she is the sock pro (and I missed her birthday). :)
I spun up 50 grams of 100% silk, which I need to knit into a Slanted Eyelet Scarf by Friday. This is only 1/3 of it. The rest is drying in my kitchen as we speak.
And finally, I went to Legacy Studio last Friday with Kyla, and I've found my new happy fibre place. I bought this:
Eight ounces of happy. I also got this:
Eight ounces of undyed alpaca pencil roving. Oh, I love it.
So that's what I did this week. I know it looks like a lot, but it still seems like I've accomplished nothing. My stash has hardly shrunk (I wonder why). Oh, I love spinning. I REALLY do. Look for yarns for sale here in the future. :)


Mary said...

The yarns are so pretty! No wonder you are in love with knitting and spinning. Your passion for it shows!

granolagirl said...

You are a spinning machine! Glad to see your new gifted wheel is working out so well. Love the beads.

Kayla J said...

Spinning machine AND a freak. LOL! Beware! If you know how to knit, you're getting yarn from me this Xmas!