In Need of a Camera

Well, Robbie's away for Wilson's funeral in Twillingate this week. This means two things.
1.1) I'm tired because it's just me with Elodie, and she's a handful.
1.2) I never want to be a single parent.
2.) I have no camera.

The lack of a camera means that there is a lack of posting. Everything I want to post about requires a picture, and a picture requires a camera! You'll have to make due with the knowledge that I've spun both singles for my sock yarn (and it worked great!), and I'm now plying them. Knitting itself is going slowly but surely. Scarves, mittens and hats are coming off the needles fairly regularly now. I have not added these to Ravelry (my name's KaylaWte, if anybody's interested) because I'm in need of a camera. *sigh*

It's going to be a busy week when Robbie gets home, what with posting everything!

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Robbie said...

I left you the old camera, but I don't know where the memory stick is.