Happy Panda!

Today, my blog got 20 hits. I have google analytics on my account, so I popped on over there to check things out, and I have people from Germany, the Netherlands, seven states, eight provinces and 25+ cities now reading my blog. :) I'm a happy panda. Thanks to all of you for reading my blog. Knitting sure is popular, eh? Feel free to comment. I LOVE comments!

In knitting news: NOTHING. I'm swamped with work. In fact, I just downed about two cups of very strong tea, and I'm going to do about four hours of work tonight, making my bed time roughly 2:30 a.m. tonight. *sigh*

I did, however, manage to spin up some really cool beaded yarn. This will be the yarn that will become the Plied Scarf, which is working its way through the THIRD revision. I'm going to knit it up (again) and then post the pattern for FREE right here. Okay. The caffeine has kicked in, and I'm going to type, type, type! That's the one crappy thing about owning your own business. There's nobody else to give the work to! LOL!

Once again, thanks to everybody who reads this blog. It's very flattering to think that I have people out there reading it from all over this earth. A big hello to all, and a HUGE Gruss Gott to the folks in Germany. I lived there when I was in high school, on exchange, and I must say, I miss it dearly.


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