Up Late

I'm just sitting here at my computer, doing some extra work so that I'm not glued to the crappy thing all day tomorrow. I decided to check my incoming number with analytics today (I'm a little obsessed) and there were well over 100 hits today. WOW. From as far away as Instanbul, Denmark, New Zealand, Japan -- crazy. Le power du Craftster.

Heard of Craftster? If you haven't, you are missing out. Craftster has, well, crafts. Full of 'em. You can post your finished crafts for all to see, browse finished crafts, WIPs (work-in-progress for you non-obsessed) and get all these great ideas and tutorials and maybe just have a bit of the talent rub off. It's wicked. Anyway, I posted the Stolen Moments Wrap with a link back to the page with the wrap on it, and BANG! Hundreds of people show up.

It's kind of like when you have a party as a teenager and you tell five friends, and then they tell five friends who tell five friends who print out flyers and bring a keg. Soon, your house is a hopping. Except in this case, your friends are flying in from all over the world, 15 different countries, to be exact. And they leave your house clean. Ah, the internet. Talk about your Globalization.

Anyways, no new knitterly things to blog about. Robbie uploaded more Elodie videos. She's so cute. I spun up some more sock yarn (a heavier, 3-ply yarn because I want really warm socks for winter). I'm also going to be opening my own yarn store via the internet for now in a few months. Things are in the works, so do stay tuned.

And Toby, the Artemis yarn is on hold. :) You can help me at Christmas if you feel so inclined.

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dori said...

Hi, it's dori from TE board. Your blog is great! I knit too, and crochet (In another life, however !!). I miss it.... I actually had my mom get me a knitting bag for Christmas to put all my stuff in and haven't even gotten it organized yet. I still have my knitting needles in every size that I got when I was 10... I used them all too....

I've crocheted and knitted 3 afghans, numerous scarfs, mittens, sweaters, and I used to make my own purses.