Still Here...

Geez, what exactly did I do before I had a husband and a child? Apparently nothing. So far, I've managed to eat rather healthier than usual, sleep in every day and knit. And read. I've finished off Shogun (ugh, didn't like the ending AT ALL) and Atherton (turned out be the first in a series, so I guess I'll have to buy the others), and now I'm going to actually work tonight.

Yesterday was pretty much the crappiest day so far. I had been unable to find Robbie's cell phone for the life of me. I'd looked all through the house, all the places I'd been in the house, but no luck. So I figured, whatever, I'm just going to get back to work on the deck (oh, I'm refinishing the deck. Did I mention that?). I step outside, and ... well, I found the cell phone. It must've fallen out of my pocket the day before when I'd been outside, working on the deck.

Ah, yes, the day before, when I'd scraped and scraped and scraped that damned deck. That was just before the rainstorm hit. The huge rainstorm with the thunder that sounded like my windows were going to shatter. The terrible, horrid rainstorm that left half an inch of water on the ground. Oh, that rainstorm.

Well, at least the phone is clean.

Actually, I very nearly freaked out. See, I haven't owned a cell phone for, oh, four-odd years. This is Robbie's phone. I have, however, kept rather current with the fact that water plus cell phone equals bad. Very, very bad.

The phone was still on from the day before. There was a great deal of what we shall loosely call "humidity" under the screen, but otherwise it seemed okay. I flipped open the keyboard (it's one of those fancy new cell phones with a built-in QWERTY keyboard) and started to check out how bad the damage was.

The shortcut key didn't do much of a shortcut. It actually took me on a roundabout tour through the phone. Not good. Once I did get it to the screen where I could send a text message, I started pressing the buttons. C didn't work. At all. So I sent a text to Robbie.

"Will you please ring me as soon as possible? It's important."

Notice that there are no Cs in that message.

Anyway, long story kind of shorter, I frantically checked out the intertubes for ways to save a cell phone that had gotten wet. Most of them said that if you don't get to it within the first 20 minutes, tops, you may as well forget it. I would not forget it!!

One site suggested removing the battery and sim card (sin card? Shin card? The thing with all your contact information) and sticking the phone in a bag of rice overnight to absorb any and all excess moisture. I did just that and went to bed.

This morning, I tottered out of bed at 10:00, and I slowly wandered downstairs with the heavy pit of dread in my stomach. This was a $300 phone, and I was positive I'd totally fracked it up. Completely screwed. Afterall, the screen had started going all wonky the previous night as I tried to see how the drying process was...it had inverted the colours (like, the purples turned yellow, reds turned green, that kind of thing), and then it went black and white, and then it finally just looked damn near illegible without color or real tone.

I held my breath...and I switched on the phone. Well, whaddya know. The damn thing works. Completely. C works, shortcut button works, screen looks normal, everything. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic until I see how well the thing charges. Provided it charges okay, I think I can do a little dance in my livingroom nekkid with the animals jumping with fits of joy beside me.

Speaking of animals, I think the little one is doing a pee dance. Time to brave the giant cat spider that's made his/her home directly above the back door and let them out. This adult thing is HARD.

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