Praise be to Buffalo

Ron (BuffaloGuy - Rav link) is the owner of Buffalo Gold. He and his wife, Theresa, have made their way from Texas to the Calgary Stampede this year. On Ravelry, they asked us in the Alberta Knitters Group if they should bring yarn. "YES!" we practically shouted, "YES! Bring yarn!"

I asked them if they'd bring fibre, and not only did they bring fibre, but they said they'd make a gift of 1 oz of buffalo down for any Ravelers who come to the booth.

This is what I adore about the fibre world. People who I don't know are giving $40 worth of fibre away to people that they don't know all because we DO know that we're knitters. We're fibre people. How awesome is that?


Today, I went to the Calgary Stampede.



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Annie said...

correna and i left with a bag each as well (isn't the bag the greatest?).. yayyyy!