Show me your RAKK!!!

What is a RAKK? No, it's not your better parts, but instead, it's a Random Act of Knitterly Kindness (yes, I totally made it up). Today was my first day doing it, and I really enjoyed it!

One of our town librarians has been at the public library since I was a kid. She's this really confident, beautiful older woman named Cheryl (I think), and last time I was in there, I picked up a spinning book. She made a comment on how she used to knit all the time when she was younger.

As a RAKK, today, I dropped off a skein of my Maple colorway sock yarn for her. She was, unfortunately, not in this week, but a note was left for her with the sock yarn, and I hope she enjoys it.

I'm encouraging all of you to show RAKKs this month. Knit some baby hats and donate them to your local NICU. What about slippers? Ronald McDonald House Charities love slippers. Or pet beds for the local humane society (remember that they have to be acrylic - Thanks Natural Bardo). Show the world what us knitters are all about! Break out your RAKKs!!

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Do said...

That is so sweet :) I don't really had a RAKK this week.. Or last week.. Sometimes I'm kind ;)