Welcome back!

Okay, after taking a well-needed hiatus from posting, I'm back!

Here's what occured in the last few months:
1) Got married! YAY!
2) Knit a few things (only finished two things -- not so yay)
3) Quit my job.
4) Argued with my previous employer about getting paid.
5) Filed a complaint with the Employment Standards Board to get paid.
6) Got paid (finally) a full two weeks after my final paycheck was due.
7) Now I work from home
8) Went on our honeymoon.
9) Nearly went insane.
10) Had three blissful days at the end of the honeymoon.
11) Flew home (without drugs!!!)
12) Have a clean home!
13) Have far too much yarn
14) Own a deck and am getting a fence.
15) Saw little baby Rhapsody Wilde (beautiful little girl who belongs to dear friends)

Okay, minor update over. I'll try to get some pics up of what I've been doing yarnwise.

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Barb said...

Do you read this one? http://judyperez.blogspot.com/